Thanksgiving and Family: The Tedescos

Steve Tedesco is the owner of Stevens Kitchens. He's a big time family man. He will always tell you, family comes first. He's sitting at the head of the table with his beautiful wife, Deb. They have four children together. During the holidays, Steve always drives almost three hours to pick up his mom and bring her back to his home. She's on the left-hand side next to Trevor, his son. You can see where Steve gets his good looks from since his momma is still looking very pretty. It might be an Italian thing. While Stevens Kitchens is always available 24/7 for emergencies, we always make time to relax and spend it with the most important people in life. After all, isn't that what working hard

Thanksgiving in our Family: The Seltzers

Thanksgiving is over but we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the holiday and all the joy it gives to us. Stevens Kitchens, at its heart and soul, is a family business. We know that kitchens are the nucleus of the family, of the home, and we love that we make a contribution to that. For the next few entries, I will be posting pictures and stories from our staff with their families. We get to learn so much about our clients through the remodeling process and hope that you get to learn a little about us from these entries. My family (The Seltzers) had a pretty special Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time hosting the holiday in our brand new kitchen. It was also the first time we h

A New Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!! This is one of my favorite holidays for multiple reasons. I love being able to get together with my family and eat and celebrate what we are grateful for. This year, my family is hosting Thanksgiving. We're so excited to be hosting the holiday in our BRAND NEW kitchen! Yes, we obviously chose Stevens Kitchens since I work here. LOL It makes sense that the home with the new kitchen hosts, right? This will be our first Thanksgiving party hosted in our new kitchen which is really exciting! Like many people who come into Stevens Kitchens, my mom (the wife) had the final say in the selections. She was very excited to see all of those come together in the big

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