Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day was back in April but that doesn't mean we have to forget about the various green lines we offer in cabinetry, counter tops, or backsplash. We offer lines that utilize recycled glass and materials that are eco-friendly. Today I will be listing some of these for you, because contrary to popular belief, recycled materials don't have to look recycled! All products mentioned are sure to make your kitchen or bath remodel look incredible! When you are looking for products that are green or eco-friendly you are going to most likely see the word LEED come up in your search. What this means is that the product helps a designer or builder by giving them 'points' or 'credentials.' From a cons

Our New Favorite Trend: Mixed Metals

I love researching new kitchen trends. Many people come into our showroom wanting their new kitchen to be trendy and a replica of what they see on Pinterest, Houzz or HGTV. It is important for remodeling companies to stay on top of what is currently considered trendy and what is considered 'dated.' Stevens Kitchens is busy keeping up with the current trends! Right now, one of our favorite trends is the use of mixed metals in the kitchen. What's great about this trend is that there are so many variants and levels to it. You can be subtle or you can be bold with how you incorporate the mixed metals. There's no right or wrong way to decorate. Here are some tips I learned in my research but r

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