A Sale On KraftMaid? Yes Please!

Hi everyone! We've officially entered the time of year where so many people want their remodel completed by the holidays. I'll let you in on a little secret: Cabinet companies know that this push for remodels exist and thus offer enticing offers so you choose to use their company versus a competitor. One of these companies is KraftMaid. Around here, we call KraftMaid "America's Sweetheart" because of how well-known it is. KraftMaid is available at Lowes and Home Depot whereas our other lines aren't available at big box stores. And right now, KraftMaid is offering one of those enticing sales right now! If you're hoping to have new cabinets by Thanksgiving, KraftMaid maaaaay not be your best o

A Master Bathroom Twist

I've noticed that bathroom trends seem to be more versatile than kitchen trends. Many kitchens we do are shaker white cabinets with white countertops. That's not a bad thing but sometimes seeing a little versatility is a good thing. Ah yes, this has been repeated by me before and I may sound like a broken record but it's true! It's nice to see people spice it up now and then! My tastes have certainly evolved since working at Stevens Kitchens. A lot of materials and styles I previous would have glanced over now seem to be my main preference. For instance, in the bathroom you're about to see I would've thought it was nice a few years ago but wouldn't want it in my own home. Now? This bathroom

Granite versus Soapstone

Image Credit; M. Teixeira Soapstones When we are talking about countertops I'm sure you think of the the three main types: granite, laminate and quartz. Since they are all different they provide a good benchmark for talking about countertops. As you learn more about countertops, you discover there are so many options other than the basic three! I've already mentioned butcher block in a separate blog. so today I wanted to bring attention to soapstone, a gorgeous and nonporous option. Granite and soapstone share some similarities. For starters, they are both made from stone. For people drawn to natural counter tops, this is definitely a good fit. Image Credit; M. Teixeira Soapstones There's

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