Remodeling in a Hurricane

This post was supposed to be titled: A Kitchen Remodel Series: Part V. However we cannot ignore the fact that there is a hurricane going on in Florida! In the midst of bare walls and plumbing adjustments, Hurricane Irma struck creating (oh let's say) a slight lull in the calendar.

From the office standpoint, things were crazy! Everyone was worried about the hurricane. People were concerned about their remodels and schedules and orders. It was increased chaos for the office.

From a client viewpoint, it was stressful. There is a lot of house prep and usually when you prepare for a hurricane, the kitchen is used for that. The one thing that was helpful was the Project Coordinator was on top of things and in communication about the changes. He even worked in the office when there was no power which meant NO AC! Killer in Florida.

It made me realize that it really takes a team (both client and contractor) to pull through a situation like that. You have to work together!

Well back to prepping.

Talk Soon,


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