A Kitchen Remodel Series: VII

Cabinet Install

I'm very excited because our cabinets are getting installed today! I can't wait to have something resembling a kitchen! The cabinet install is a two day process and involves quite a bit of skill. The Cabinet Installers were still working when I got home from the office (around 5).

This stage of the process is exciting because you start to see the formation of your ideal kitchen. We are actually going away on vacation so we are leaving our home in the hands of Stevens Kitchens. I'm eager to see what the end result is when we return!

I just wanted to once again comment on how hard our subcontractors work because they truly are the best! I know I sound biased but I can't help it. I really appreciate all the hard work and integrity these guys have that have walked through our home.

Many of these guys have been around SK for quite some time and have become our extended "family". They were so sweet in entertaining my young niece because she was fascinated with the install process.

Next up on the agenda is counter tops and I for one, am so excited to see how it'll look with the cabinets! Remember we upgraded to Quartz?!



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