A Kitchen Remodeling Series: The Finale

after picture of completed kitchen

It's done! The kitchen is done! It started as an idea on paper and despite unforeseen obstacles (talking about you, Hurricane Irma), our kitchen remodel is complete! This time last year, the thought of remodeling our kitchen seemed far-fetched and an idea that would go away as soon as it came.

The second we saw the renderings of our "would be" kitchen, my parents were sold. I'm sure you can see why-- look how beautiful this kitchen is!

I've loved seeing my mom beam about this kitchen. Everything in this kitchen was what she wanted, not something she had to compromise on.

I love how much brighter this kitchen is. There's a lot more lighting than before and it makes the space seem a lot more joyful.

Before: Look at the difference! Look how it makes you feel and the difference between the two in terms of evoking emotions. It's really incredible.

The added storage lets us store all our kitchen appliances with ease. We have cabinets left and right, up and down! It's nice to have a clutter free counter top.

I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have. Remodeling is stressful. There's no way to get around that, however Stevens Kitchens eased that stress and remained organized throughout the process.


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