A New Kitchen for Thanksgiving

New Kitchen for Thanksgiving

Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!! This is one of my favorite holidays for multiple reasons. I love being able to get together with my family and eat and celebrate what we are grateful for. This year, my family is hosting Thanksgiving. We're so excited to be hosting the holiday in our BRAND NEW kitchen! Yes, we obviously chose Stevens Kitchens since I work here. LOL

It makes sense that the home with the new kitchen hosts, right?

This will be our first Thanksgiving party hosted in our new kitchen which is really exciting!

Like many people who come into Stevens Kitchens, my mom (the wife) had the final say in the selections. She was very excited to see all of those come together in the big picture and final completion. Every day she admires its beauty and how it's everything she wanted in a kitchen.

Prior to Thursday, I wanted to ask her what she thought the benefits were of having the new kitchen for the holidays, I wanted to do a brief interview with her and since she's my mom--- she graciously agreed.

Ready for an interview? I sure am!

Shaina: Hey mom, what do you think a perk of having a new kitchen just in time for Thanksgiving is?

Mom (Irene): For one, I'm excited to entertain in it. I'm proud to show off my new trendy wine bar and my new appliances. I like taking pride in my home and I like knowing everything is new and mine. It's so beautiful!

Shaina: Awesome! Now what about the new kitchen adds to those benefits?

Mom: I love our new appliances! They are so much easier to clean and are stylish. I love how much more space we have with them. The double oven is great for cooking our Thanksgiving meal. It's no surprise we love to eat, especially on Thanksgiving. Our appliances and the added space it gives us will be helpful for cooking (and storing leftovers).

Shaina: I agree. We do love to eat, Ha!

Mom: Our counter tops continue to blow me away and I like that the dishwasher is quiet. We can talk in the kitchen without having to scream. Our old dishwasher made so much noise.

(End interview)

Well, as suspected; having a new kitchen makes entertaining a lot easier and fun. I can't wait to have Thanksgiving in our brand new kitchen and cook using our new appliances.

Stay Tuned for our After Thanksgiving pictures!

Have a great holiday!


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