A Kitchen Remodel Series

Hi everyone, Shaina here! Before getting hired at Stevens Kitchens my parents had scheduled a free consult to get their kitchen remodeled. Little did we know that Steve would be my boss in the following weeks. Funny how that stuff works, huh?

Anyway, I thought I could begin a series on this blog that focused on my experience as not just an employee but also as a client through the viewpoint of my parents as our kitchen gets a face-lift. I truly don't know what to expect with this remodel but I'm excited to get rid of the 1990's look of my current kitchen. We may have granite countertops, but everything else about our kitchen is hideous!

For the first post, I'll focus on the initial consult. At Stevens Kitchens our initial consult is free and this is when one of our designers comes to your home. I happen to be the one that schedules those.

You know how you start a new job and you don't realize what you're doing and the reason for doing it (at the beginning)? Well, during the consult all the paperwork I crafted and organized became in use.

My parents did their homework and had images of what they wanted their kitchen to look like. I highly reccomend this because it helps the designer with their drawings and their estimates.

Once Steve arrived, it was a lot of fun to brainstorm kitchen ideas. He listened to my parents in terms of what they wanted and also made some great suggestions. It was fun to have him at the house and it was exciting to catch a glimpse of the future remodel that we would work our daily lives around.

With that being said, I have much more to say so stay tuned for part two of this series!

All the best,


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