A Kitchen Remodel Series: Part II

Kitchen Faucet

Hi everyone, Shaina here and I'm back with my next installment of my personal account series. My parents received their estimate and it's exactly what the average kitchen remodel costs: $28,000. Some people think this is a high, some people think this is low and some people think this is a great deal. We understand that a person's budget is personal. Almost everything is relative and budgets are not excluded. This is why Stevens Kitchens actually sends out a presentation to all our scheduled prospects so we educate them on the average numbers. We don't want to surprise anyone or waste their time. We also believe you get what you pay for and that apples need to be compared with apples. For my parents, they had done their research. They took into account the service, the people, the location, the price, the design and the one stop shop aspects. Of course I was working here too so possibly that had some influence. However you still look at all those factors when making a decision for your kitchen remodeler.

The next step they took after paying a retainer was to schedule a Selection Consult. At our shop you work with a knowledgeable Sales Assistant to pick out cabinets, tops, hardware and fixtures. It can be a nightmare for some, a dream for others. I think it really depends on how well you are able to make decisions from a lot of choices. Remember when I said you should look at pictures for inspiration? This is one good reason why!

Knowing ahead of time what colors and styles you're interested in you (hopefully) won't be overwhelmed when you're in the showroom. We have so many different types of materials to select from it can be overwhelming for anyone. We are here to help though!

After working here for a little while, I've been able to get a good feel of the various options we have. I also know my parents and their taste so for our project I was the one who pre-selected their cabinets and counter tops for them and that's exactly what they went with! Hmm, maybe I should become a designer?

It's really neat being on both sides of this project, as an employee and client. I can't wait for our next step!

Until then,


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