A Kitchen Remodel Series: Part III

Signing a kitchen remodel contract

Soooo... the closing is happening momentarily.

This can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on last minute decisions and explaining paperwork and process. We thoroughly review the estimate and make sure everything is squared away. If last minute selections are added or changed, then the estimate changes. For example, my parents decided they wanted to go with Quartz for the tops instead. This increased the price but in my opinion, it was well worth it. Quartz is a higher quality material than Granite. However it still depends on personal preference and budget as most of our clients choose Granite and it is a very good quality material for kitchen tops.

Our Sales Assistant helps our new clients understand everything about the contract so we are all on the same page. She also invites them to our software program so they will be able to view the entire process online. Our clients LOVE this aspect of working with us!

Once all the paperwork was signed, my parents received a goody bag for the kitchen remodel. We tend to give these out to clients who have larger jobs to help them prepare for what's to come.

As my parents left, I realized it was going to be strange not having a kitchen for about a month or so but I was still so excited for the final product.

Until later,


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