A Kitchen Remodel Series: Part IV

It's been a few weeks since the closing but it's finally time for the project to begin. A lot of people may think that the project starts as soon as you sign the paperwork but it takes a few weeks of preparation and the cabinet order takes time to come in. We also have to gather the subcontractors, order materials, and ensure the calendar is accurate.

Coordinating everything to be on time and up to our standards can be a process. However we have fine tuned our system over and over to ensure we give the best possible outcome of products and service.

At home, all drawers have been emptied into various boxes. Shelves have been cleared out and the refrigerator has been emptied. Since the project isn't a complete remodel, we are able to store items in the double pantry along a wall. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it is a bit stressful. Although almost all great achievements in life come with a challenge so this is just going to be added to that list.

For the next month, our routines have to be altered. I will no longer spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner because of the changes we made to prep for the remodel.

The best thing you can do during this process is to try and remain calm and find your "temporary normal." for the next month or so depending on how large your job is. Also keep in mind the end result so when the going gets tough, you remember why you started!

Stay tuned!


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