2018 Color of the Year...

Pantone's Color of the Year 2018

According to Pantone, the color of the year is an Ultra-violet! For the sake of this blog, I'm calling it purple. What a beautiful, deep, rich color.

One of the things they talked about was getting inventive in 2018. If you are in the mood to get your creative juices flowing, you might want to start with a color like this!

It can go on the walls, you can get accent cabinets, you could get a purplish countertop. The options are endless for those who aren't afraid to go with the bold!

We thought we would take a look at our current vendors, design ideas and supplies to see how we could help you start that Pinterest board with a Bold, Purple remodel.

For Cabinets: All of our cabinet lines have options for custom colors. If you want to take part of this trend, all you need is to have a swatch of your dream color and they can make it a reality.

Check out this picture of Wellborn's cabinets for a bathroom:

Now, if you aren't looking to go ultra-violet, you can choose a softer gray with purple undertones or you can do a Merlot color that also has purple undertones. For instance, this quartz by Cambria offers a bold purple and gold palette. It's not as deliberately bold and can pair well with black or white.

If purple counter tops are not your thing, a purple accent wall works nice to contrast a white kitchen and add a pop of color. Also, by doing only one wall you're not minimizing the space of the room. Rather, it won't feel smaller. However, if you are inclined to go bold or just love the color purple, you can do all the walls like in this picture below from the Sherwin Williams site.

Sherwin Williams Impulsive Purple

The possibilities are endless if you are a Purple Lover. Let us know which one you would mostly likely go with or if you already have purple incorporated into your design, email us to share!

Boldly Yours,


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