Types of Lighting for the Kitchen

Lighting is a huge part of the kitchen. Since we spend most of the time in the kitchen it's no wonder that we want it to be an illuminated space for all to enjoy. Today I want to talk about the various lighting options for your kitchen.

The first type of lighting is recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is one of the most popular and preferred types of lighting we're going to talk about. Recessed lighting goes by a couple different names. Some people call them down lights while others call them can lights.

Recessed lights have been a staple in homes since the 1980's because of their functionality. Generally speaking, there is flexibility in spacing these lights. . These lights should be brighter and warmer because of their height so make sure your bulb measures on the lower scale (+/- 2700 K). In contrast to cooler lighting which measures 4000-5000K.

The next type of lighting is pendant lighting. In terms of kitchen lighting, pendants are relatively new. What's great about pendants is the fact that they can be used as task or ambient lighting.

There's are literally thousands of pendants and you can find one in any style. Seriously, you could get lost on websites such as Wayfair with all the options they have! There's so much personality in pendant lighting. I personally love seeing pendant lights over an island for maximum lighting.

The third type of lighting I want to talk about is under cabinet lighting. Like pendants, under cabinet lighting can be a type of task lighting meaning it serves a singular purpose. In this case, it's purpose is to enhance the counter top or backsplash. Most of our kitchens at Stevens Kitchens incorporate under cabinet lighting because of the luminosity it adds. In case you don't believe me, here's a picture without under cabinet lighting.

Now, here's the same picture but with the under cabinet lighting turned on.

The lighting adds more definition to the wine bar and makes the backsplash glow.

Lighting can be confusing but as long as you know the three main types of kitchen lighting you'll be ready to rock and roll. I hope I've brightened and enlightened your mind a little bit today!

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