Don't Rely on HGTV

My favorite channel growing up was HGTV. I was so amazed how these shows could transform a room or a house in no time. Surely if it's on TV, it must be true, right? That was the mindset I had.

Home improvement shows are great entertainment and in no way should you stop watching them. I love a good episode of Fixer Upper, and these shows give great inspiration for remodels (hello, shiplap). However, there are a lot of misconceptions about these shows.

Today I wanted to discuss those misconceptions with you and how your remodel will be different than the TV remodel. Home improvement shows create a false reality for its viewers and what really happens during a remodel is vastly different than what goes on in television.

We all wish to live in a world where we can get our kitchen and bathrooms done in a week's time, but the truth is, that doesn't exist. Remodeling takes weeks. If you're doing more than one space, it tends to be even longer.

On home improvement shows, a whole project is complete in one hour TV time. The reason for this fast turn-around time is the long hours the crew is working to complete the remodel. The fact is, crews don't normally work during the night for kitchen remodels. Many crews won't even work on the weekend.

This brings us to our next point,

The number of crew members working on a TV remodel is vastly different than a regular residential remodeling crew. Sure, the TV may show only a few people in the shots of the remodeling process but what the viewers don't see is the thirty-person crew behind them, assisting with the remodel.

Home improvement shows also have budgets wrong. Products such as cabinetry, paint, counter tops, etc. are either given at a discounted price or given to the show for free in exchange for the great advertising it brings. If a home improvement show says they are behind a product, more than likely people will buy that product. Regular remodels don't have that luxury of free advertising, so your budget also includes the materials and products used.

Another notable difference is that during these lavish home makeover shows, the clients normally stay at a hotel or another place far from the remodel. During residential remodels we sometimes have to work around the client's schedule, especially if they don't have a lock box for subcontractor access. While there is nothing wrong with clients being home during the remodel, it can add more time to a project's completion.

HGTV and other home remodeling networks are great to watch and give some great ideas on home remodels. So don't stop watching these shows just because they embellish the remodeling process. Instead, take it with a grain of salt and know that the process for your remodel will be a little bit different.

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