Kitchen Remodel: BEFORE and AFTER

Hi everyone! We've recently completed another spectacular kitchen remodel, and I wanted to share the process with you, in photos!

First, let's look at the before photos. The kitchen was dated--very mid-twentieth century to my knowledge (although I'm not a kitchen historian). This kitchen needed a makeover for this century and needed new appliances to go with the modern times.

Notice how the kitchen needs updating of flooring, cabinets, counter tops, and appliances.

Our first step was to get rid of the existing kitchen. Out with the old and in with the new! This is the demolition or demo.

Remember that bulky light box that made the kitchen look smaller because it made the ceiling appear lower? Yes, we got rid of that and look how it opens up the kitchen!

Demo is great because it's the first sign of truly starting over and getting that blank slate for a new kitchen design. Sure, it may not look pretty at first but knowing what's to come is such a cool feeling.

After drywall and electrical rough-in, we finally get to the cabinet installation or install. In this picture you can see the cabinets going in but you can also see how great the ceiling looks without the giant light. Notice the difference between the drywall before the demo and after the remodel?

I've said this before but with the cabinet install you begin to see the framework of the new kitchen!

Our next step is flooring. Not every kitchen remodel we do requires new flooring but in this particular remodel we installed both tile and wood flooring throughout the house.

I love the chosen tile and the accent stones at the edge of the hallway. The stones add uniqueness. Our tile guys are the best!

Not everyone chooses a backsplash. In my personal opinion, ALL kitchens should have some form of backsplash. I think a backsplash adds so much character to a kitchen. The tile chosen by this client was absolutely beautiful. Compare the difference between the wall before the backsplash and after installation of the backsplash.

Sure, it looks great but look at this view WITH the backsplash.

Such a difference!

And here is the BEAUTIFUL final product.

Ah, so wonderful.

Doesn't this make you want to remodel YOUR kitchen?



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