Fun With Faucets

Faucets have gone from bland to being statement pieces in the kitchen and bathroom. Once only available in a couple finishes, you can now get all types of finishes for your faucet.

In our showroom alone, we recently received all new faucets for our display wall. Today I wanted to showcase some of the new faucet trends and some of the finishes that have become popular.

I'll start with my personal favorite: champagne bronze. What I love about this finish is how unique looking it is. There's nothing like it! It's so elegant and stylish. It definitely makes a great statement piece.

And here's a picture of a champagne bronze faucet for the bathroom. This faucet is actually in our showroom if you wanted to see its beauty in person! It adds this dynamic pop of color to any vanity and brings out the character of the counter top.

The next finish that's been taking off is matte black. According to designers BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK. At the National Kitchen and Bath Show, matte black was everywhere.

Matte black offers a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen and bath. It can be used in contemporary settings but also in transitional spaces. There's something riveting about seeing matte black in faucets because it's definitely not the norm.

What's also great about it is that it offers a stark contrast to counter tops and cabinets alike. Below is a picture of a matte black kitchen faucet. Look how sleek it is!

In our showroom, we currently have a few matte black finishes on display. Here is a bathroom faucet in matte black.

Another new and common finish is a two-toned faucet. Arguably one of the newer and innovative finishes, this is available in three unique varieties. You have the options of stainless and red, stainless and white, or stainless and black. All three are striking to view.

We were lucky to get our hands on one for our new display.

Whether you go bold and get a two-toned finish or if you stick with a simpler finish, such as oil-rubbed bronze, there's no doubt that faucets have come a long way!

Which is your favorite in our new finishes? Let us know!

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