Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day was back in April but that doesn't mean we have to forget about the various green lines we offer in cabinetry, counter tops, or backsplash. We offer lines that utilize recycled glass and materials that are eco-friendly. Today I will be listing some of these for you, because contrary to popular belief, recycled materials don't have to look recycled! All products mentioned are sure to make your kitchen or bath remodel look incredible!

When you are looking for products that are green or eco-friendly you are going to most likely see the word LEED come up in your search. What this means is that the product helps a designer or builder by giving them 'points' or 'credentials.' From a consumer standpoint, this shows that the company is doing a good job by being green.

Counter Tops:

1. Eco Line Series by Silestone

I love when brands have lines that specify their eco-friendliness. Companies disclose the materials they use in their specialized green product lines.

Silestone's Eco Line uses recycled glass, mirror, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. With these materials being recycled, less emissions are being produced and the carbon footprint is reduced.

On Silestone's website ( you can see the colors that you can choose from in the Eco line but I've also included them below.

I sure can't tell that they are recycled, can you?


2. Wellborn

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) introduced its Environmental Stewardship Program that acts a benchmark for environmental performance. Wellborn is a member of this organization and is ESP certified. What does this mean?

Well, basically to be certified you need to adhere to standards of environmental responsibility related to air quality, and product and process resource management, They also are Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) certified, which demonstrates how Wellborn is doing a lot to lower their carbon footprint and how they utilize renewable resources. Furthermore, Wellborn has always had recycling programs that utilize wood to generate power. Even their transportation trucks are environmentally friendly!


3. American Olean

American Olean has a philosophy called "Green Works" that they follow. They also use recycled or reclaimed materials in their tile selections and use recycled water in their manufacturing plants.

Similar to Wellborn, American Olean has practices that help eliminate transportation emissions. They have plants all over the country that are closer to projects which means a truck doesn't have to travel across the country. This results in a reduction of fossil fuels that are used.

Below is an example of tile that utilizes post-consumer recycled material.

Credit: American Olean

It used to be hard to find green products but so many companies are now using green practices. The choices consumers have for these products are much greater and you don't have to compromise your taste to be environmentally friendly.



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