BuilderTrend: How It Improves Communication and Efficiency

As I have previously written, a licensed contractor manages the entire remodeling project. The licensed contractor organizes the flow of work by all subcontractors and manages other facets of the remodeling project. It is the job of the contractor to ensure the project runs smoothly. With some remodeling companies, the client isn't included in this process and without good communication, it can be a surprise when a different subcontractor walks in to your home or when a different phase of your project begins.

Stevens Kitchens believes in providing excellent customer service and communication. We keep you informed and 'hold your hand' throughout the remodeling process. We keep you informed by using a software called Buildertrend. Buildertrend allows the homeowner to be immersed in the remodeling process. Communication between Stevens Kitchens staff members and the homeowner is immediate. Our use of Buildertrend improves our efficiency.

Once you have closed on your project, you will receive an invitation to join Buildertrend. Once you accept this invitation, you can see your Buildertrend calendar. The calendar is updated frequently, and you can see who will be at your house and on what day! We keep you informed of any changes that may occur. For instance, sometimes a subcontractor needs one more day of work. If that's the case, we add that to your calendar. As soon as we change it, you can see it!

Below is an example of what your calendar will look like.

Another attribute of Buildertrend is being able to see photos of your remodeling project as it happens. Sometimes clients aren't home during the remodeling process, so this allows them to see what is happening in their home. Even if you are home during your remodel, this is a nice way to feel "in the loop" with your project's process.

With Buildertrend, you also have direct access to Stevens Kitchens. On your Buildertrend front page, your Project Coordinator's number is listed. This is who you can contact for any job-related questions. There's also a messaging feature that comes in handy if you have a quick question.

Sometimes during the remodeling process, we may have to do a change order (co), whether it's because of an unexpected development or because you have decided to add something to your project that wasn't in the initial contract. You will need to sign off on a change order. With Buildertrend, signing off on a change order is easy. Instead of coming in to our showroom to sign and approve these changes, log in to Buildertrend and sign off on these changes from your computer or mobile device.

Simple, simple, simple.

I can name so many other great things about Buildertrend but then you would think I'm a paid spokesperson. I'm not! Buildertrend truly has been so beneficial for both the Stevens Kitchens staff and our clients.

If you want to learn more about Buildertrend, feel free to contact me!




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