Why An Estimate Increases

You know how your favorite meal at a restaurant was $11.99 but it now $14.99? Or like how the price of milk may be higher now than it was ten years ago? And since we're in Florida, I have to mention the ever-changing Disney and Universal ticket increases.

Well, kitchen and bath estimates are no exception to the price changing rule.

On some occasions people receive estimates and decide to put it on hold for a period of time. When they come back and are ready for their remodel, the price may have changed.

Today I want to shed some light on reasons why estimates change from quarter to quarter or year to year. We know that cost changes can be frustrating but there is always a reason for the change. After all, even though your milk increased you still buy it, right?

The biggest reason for the price of an estimate going up? The cost of the materials.

Since we use different lines of cabinets, counter tops, and tile we adhere to their pricing guidelines. Yearly, we receive word from our vendors on pricing. Usually prices will increase. And just like Disney and Universal, when one line changes their pricing, so do the rest.

Changing costs is based on various factors. For instance, some materials are natural and if they become more scarce the pricing will go up to accommodate that. Another factor is tariffs. If the prices of tariffs go up on imported products such as stone, pricing is going to reflect the increase. Along those lines, If the price of manufacturing goes up for say, quartz, then that too has to be addressed in the consumer's price.

If you are 'coming back' to an estimate after a period of time, I recommend you look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Surely if some time has passed, it is expected the cost estimate will increase. If the cost is no longer within your budget, there may be similar cabinetry or counter tops available at a lower cost. There definitely are ways to still have a beautiful kitchen while staying in your budget.

Another suggestion I have is get an estimate on your kitchen only when you know you're ready to remodel. If you do this, your estimate won't change. Essentially, the longer you wait the more likely you're estimate is going to up.

Also remember, if you have any questions about cost be sure to ask one of our designers at Stevens Kitchens!



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