The Glorious Kitchen Island

The modern world is fast-paced but casual. Everything seems to be more condensed yet more relaxed. We see this practically everywhere, from fast but casual dining establishments to self-check out lines. This idea even extends to the kitchen.

One 'must' on many kitchen remodel wish lists is an extra-large island. Many clients wants extra large islands and for good reasons! Islands have so many uses and functions and the larger the island, the more possibilities!!

Islands provide the opportunity for maximum storage space. It's easy to keep counters clutter free when there's so much space just below your feet (assuming you have bar stools). Plus, since it's at the center of the kitchen it makes it so much easier to access stored items, regardless of what item it may be.

I've seen some pretty unique islands. Some have feeding stations for the animals. Some have built in microwave drawers. Some are oblong and some are triangular. Many islands that I see have a different counter top or different cabinetry. My point is, there are SO MANY OPTIONS when it comes to kitchen islands that you can really just have fun with it.

Bar stools at the island aren't necessarily a new concept. Many families eat at their islands. What is more of a contemporary concept is utilizing that eating area for formal meals. Many people use their dining room a few times a year (if that). New home builders understand that the dining room has sort of become wasted space over the years and have started making changes to accommodate the average American's lifestyle. Many families are dining at more casual tables or at their islands. The important point is, they are dining together and hopefully without distractions like tv or cell phones!

A little bonus: It's also no secret that dining furniture can be expensive. When you utilize your island as the eating area you don't have to worry about buying a dining room set that you'll barely use.

Whether you're building a home or doing a kitchen remodel, I definitely recommend adding a kitchen island to the mix!



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