Granite versus Soapstone

Image Credit; M. Teixeira Soapstones

When we are talking about countertops I'm sure you think of the the three main types: granite, laminate and quartz. Since they are all different they provide a good benchmark for talking about countertops. As you learn more about countertops, you discover there are so many options other than the basic three! I've already mentioned butcher block in a separate blog. so today I wanted to bring attention to soapstone, a gorgeous and nonporous option.

Granite and soapstone share some similarities. For starters, they are both made from stone. For people drawn to natural counter tops, this is definitely a good fit.

Image Credit; M. Teixeira Soapstones

There's a lot to say about soapstone but I'll first comment on the feel of it. Since soapstone has talcum in it, the feel of it is therefore very soft. But while being incredibly soft, the material tends to be incredibly resistant to heat, staining, and erosion from chemicals --it is chemical neutral.

Soft and durable? Sounds good to me! Well, sort of.

With that being said, soapstone can scratch more easily than your average quartz or granite. Of course it's quite easy to repair the scratches, but if you're worried: I would stick with a different material. Now, if you are repairing the scratches you just need a piece of sandpaper to buff them out.

Soapstone doesn't come in an array of colors like granite and quartz. It's pretty much limited to a gray spectrum (including blue and green gray options). There is some flexibility with that, though. If you apply oil to the soapstone (as a 'sealant') the color will eventually become darker. You may not get the exact shade you're looking for but the color will definitely change.

What I like about soapstone is that it has natural veining in it. Right now, people are loving dark quartz with white veining in it. Companies like Cambria and Silestone have been capitalizing on this unique look for a little while now but these options are quartz and for people who want completely natural stone they may think they are limited in their options but soapstone gives them that veining look while still being natural.

After doing a bunch of research on soapstone I would definitely consider it a contender for a kitchen!

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