Trend Alert: Frameless Cabinets

If you've ever stayed or lived at a home in Europe your kitchen most likely had cabinets that were not made out of wood, rather they were made from acrylic or a similar material. These cabinets have dominated Europe for years and are now starting to make an impact on American kitchen remodels.

So many different cabinet lines are coming out with their own type of frameless cabinets. Look at Wellborn's Aspire line. I posted a sample of their catalog below but here you can see how these cabinets are wood-like in appearance but are actually textured and embossed melamine (a type of plastic).

Stevens Kitchens first introduction of frameless cabinets came from Woodland cabinetry. Their Artizen line came out a few years ago. Here's a picture of some of the various options associated with Artizen:

The top left is made from gloss acrylic.

The top right is made from gloss lacquer.

The bottom left is made from TSS (thermostructured surface).

The bottom right is made from matte melamine.

The middle (top) is made from TSS (thermostructured surface).

I wanted to show another picture just so you can really see the variance in texture. Some are smooth, others feel like wood, and some like concrete. If you're a big fan of acrylic or lacquer, frameless will give you the most options in regards to color choices. Here is a sample color wheel of all you can get:

I think you can get really creative and what's neat is that many are available in gloss or matte, depending on your taste.

Many kitchens in the Orlando area are still utilizing shaker white cabinetry or doors with a raised panel. However, in places such as Miami and New York, the use of frameless cabinets are quite popular.

I'm interested in seeing if these cabinets will become the new 'shaker white' or if their success will be limited to certain areas around the country. I guess we will have to stay tuned!




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