All Power To The Shower

When we do bathroom remodels most clients ask for the same thing: a large shower. Who can blame them? After a long and stressful day, we all can agree that a shower can be so relaxing and refreshing.

Today I wanted to talk about some recent shower news in case you're in the beginning stages of looking at remodeling your bathroom. I've broken it down to four main things that people are looking for in a shower: atmosphere, customization, technology,and safety/conservation.

I don't think I've ever met anybody who didn't want their bathroom to be an oasis or spa. Most of us don't have the time or budget to go to the spa weekly, so we rely on what we already have to give us that experience. Even if it's just for 15 minutes!

Therefore, people are looking for a shower atmosphere that provides them that peaceful state of mind. Let's face it: Showering in a bath/tub combo with plastic shower curtains that leak water is not the most spa-like. Instead, we want clean lines and products that aren't so bulky. I'm not sure who decided to group minimalism and tranquility in the same category, but they tend to associate with each other.

Other ways people are enhancing the atmosphere include:

1. Favoring simple tile patterns instead of busy mosaics

2. Utilizing softer colors such as gray, blue, and white

3. Adding dimmers to the lighting

The next thing people are looking for is customization. We're not all the same. Some people prefer gentle mists, and others prefer a nozzle spray. Depending on the day, our preference in water pressure type changes. I prefer extra pressure if my muscles are feeling tight, but when they aren't tight, a light or medium pressure feels just fine.

There are so many options people can utilize in their shower! In addition to showerheads, people can get body sprays and hand showers installed... All with different settings!

Check out this shower above. Look at how many sprayers there are! You can use several of them or you can use one!

Of course, another great thing is that many of these custom fixtures are also available in different finishes. Being able to have fixtures in your favorite finish is just the right touch for an already custom shower.

The next element is probably my favorite: technology.

It's no secret that smart technology has entered into the bathroom market. Digital panels give you complete control of basically every element you can want in a shower. For instance, some digital panels have access to Hulu and Netflix! Lighting, sound, and temperature can be controlled with the touch of a button. Heck, you can even download your meditation app!

One of the best technological advancements in the shower world, in my opinion, is the utilization of aromatherapy and chromotherapy. I didn't really see the need for either of these until I recently was sick and tried to use peppermint oil in the shower. The peppermint steam I was hoping for did not happen. While it may not be the technological breakthrough of the century, having a showerhead emit peppermint or lavender with little fuss, sounds fantastic! Similarly, chromotherapy, or the science of using color to heal, is available in showerheads! Regardless of your beliefs, I think we all can agree showering in 'blue' water just sounds relaxing!

We're also looking at safety & conservation when it comes to showers.

Perhaps grab bars were previously associated with only nursing facilities. While a large portion of our population IS elderly, grab bars are not just for the elderly. Grab bars provide safety for individuals of any age. Companies have begun making grab bars in different styles and finishes. You no longer have to choose safety without style. In this bathroom below, you can see style plus safety.

Regarding water conservation, there are fixtures out there that turn on only when the desired temperature has been reached. This practice helps conserve what is usually just wasted water.

Some showers even have features so that the shower shuts off automatically after a certain amount of time!

The shower market continues to change and grow and our wish-lists continue to expand in regards to preferred features and finishes.

It's such an exciting time for bathroom remodels! Don't you agree?



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