Staff Favorites: Bathrooms of 2018

We've done so many different projects this year, featuring so many different styles and tastes. I thought I would take the time to highlight some of our favorites of the year. I'm starting with our favorite bathrooms and will continue with kitchens in a later post. I asked the staff to pick their favorite bathroom projects and then asked them to explain why it was their favorite.

Let's start with Cadence since she's so instrumental in guiding clients at their selection consult. Her favorite project is a master bathroom that we completed in August. I have written a blog post about it already (in case you wanted to read more).

Cadence on why it's her favorite:

"The before and after is very dramatic. This bathroom went from outdated, narrow and dark to light and airy maintaining an at home feel. It makes a typical 'galley' bathroom into a showcase piece."

For more reference, this is what the bathroom looked like beforehand.

Susan might have been considered biased for picking her job as her favorite project but there's no bias when you see a bathroom this beautiful. Just look at how the browns and grays just blend together so wonderfully!

Susan, on why it's her favorite:

"Well this is MY job, ha! The transformation of this bathroom was so neat to watch. The before and after look completely different, almost as if you're in a different room."

Ashley's chosen bathroom (rather, bathrooms) was a culmination of a pool and hall bath. Fun fact: It also happened to be the first project she photographed for us! Ashley is studying kitchen and bath design so you know that she has a good eye and definitely good taste.

Above: Pool Bath

Above: Hall Bath

Ashley on why it's her favorite:

"I love how unique this bathroom is and how it has a lot of unique elements to it such as the butcher block counter and the matte black hardware."

Shaina's (me) favorite bathroom this year is from an ongoing project. Almost all of the work is complete but a few items left to do before we can deem this complete. Besides the master bathroom (seen below), we also did a hall bath that had a similar theme.

This is my favorite because I absolutely love navy and white in bathrooms. I love that the shower tile is both unique in its pattern but also how it extends to the bath area.

We're so incredibly eager to photograph this when it's done but for now, I hope you're able to see just how beautiful it is!


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