Respect the Process...

Clean slate..

When we say it takes weeks for the process of a project from start to completion, it does. A LOT of manpower goes into a project, despite the size or room.

Our motto, like the famous Heinz commercial (back in the day!), is the best things come to those who wait. Ideally, we would like things to be done and completed yesterday.

But we have to keep in mind before you start any project, you must know what you are getting into with timeline. On average, for a complete kitchen remodel, it takes about 6-8 weeks, NOT including the pre-demo items like selection of materials, reviewing, making any changes, finalizing, etc.

Unfortunately, you are not just working with one person so taking schedules of subcontractors, vendors and showroom staff into consideration is crucial. But don't let that be the deciding factor! The outcome will be much more worth it than the initial nuances but that with most things, like school and of course working out. The work is put in and the lasting effects are worth the time.

Check out this project currently underway and stay tuned!

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