Tis' the Season!

Thinking ahead to the new year, planning is key. Whether it’s changing up your counter tops, adding storage, changing your back splash, tearing up your floors for new ones, or completely gutting your space, its important and essential to keep a realistic timeline for your projects. This is crucial when the holidays are upon us.

When you start thinking about the New Year, you begin to think about things you have always wanted to do but perhaps life challenges or surprises bring down those desires. Whether it is living a healthier lifestyle, to buying a home, planning will always be at the foundation. This also goes for home projects. Home projects can be a nice, simple thought of, " I want to update my kitchen". Sure. Great. If only thoughts were like a finger snap and everything would be done in a blink of an eye, we'd all have updated kitchens. If this is your time to begin your home renovation, let's get serious.

Do your research! We should research anything that we are not familiar with in order to get a full comprehension on what you are about to dive into, because let’s face it, we always think we know. With remodels, we find many people do not know the full scope of the outs and ins, the complexities that arise, the costs and the realistic time frame involved. If you are doing a project independently, you must know the issues that can occur. In our business, most projects take anywhere between 2-4 months. This time frame being because we have other contractors that work on other projects as well during the same time period. So, let’s be patient.

Create a vision board of all the aspects of your remodel so that you are familiar with the details, that sometimes we don't factor in, and which can make a world of difference. Everything from the door knobs, pulls and faucets to choosing your grout and edge colors, these things are important.

When you are ready and feel like the time has come, then schedule a visit to our showroom to meet with our designers so we can bring that vision to life.

Yours Truly,

SK Staff

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