A New Decade, Welcome 2020

2019 was been an exciting and project filled year for us. The same can be said for 2020. We anticipate a new surge of projects from clients that finally want that change. There is certainly something in the number "2020" brings about a different feel in the way we approach our goals. It may be a decisive desire to say "enough is enough" or "this is THE year".

Well here at Stevens Kitchens, we are VERY excited to come into the New Year with new ideas, new creativity and more importantly, putting our customers desires from a vision to a reality.

Here are some of the projects, from start to finish that have inspired us to continue to do what we do best: make the client HAPPY!

This kitchen had good bones, just needed a little revamping.

Simple cabinet, countertop changes was all this needed to have a refreshed look.

This next one is an example of going all out. Structural changes, change in layout, this one definitely had a complete remodel.

Pantry removed moved to the other side and added cabinetry provides that storage.

This next one was also a complete 180*. Removal of walls, replaced flooring, moved appliances but did kept the window in the same place.

In essence, we have done many projects and will continue to do so. Home renovations are not only good for updating and repairing, but it is the best way to increase the home's value.

Let this be the year that you say "YES" to your dreams!

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