To Niche or not to Niche?

When designing your bathroom or kitchen spaces, style is a huge factor. However, along with that comes functionality. A space design feature, niches are often underestimated. I've detailed a few examples of niches in both bathroom and kitchens and their usefulness for your next project.

This beautiful bathroom had a complete remodel. Black penny rounds were added not only to be included in the niche, but also added to the bathroom shower floor. This wall and floor mosaic tile looks awesome in this bathroom as it works perfectly against the white, porcelain wall tile. Great way for storing hair products and other bath items all within reach. And its aesthetically pleasing too!

This complete bathroom remodel was done a few years ago and this client went for a serene, white oasis. Included are double niches on both sides of this shower. Gray mosaic tiles were used for the shower floor tile. You always have the option of maintaining the niche consistent with the rest of your look. The choice is yours!

Well there was mention of kitchens having niches as well. This recent kitchen remodel was really a transformation. Classic warm tones embody this kitchen and adding a niche above the stove was a great enhancement. Perfect place to add an oil jar, decorative salt and pepper shakers, or even some pretty cutting boards.

So when making a decision to enhance your space, make sure you think about your personal style and how these touches are improving your functionality. Our suggestion is to browse around and see what works with your space because after all, it is an investment!

Until the next one,

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