Blue Fever

Monochrome kitchens are a tale as old as time. While some appreciate the classics for their simplicity, others prefer adding a twist to their remodels and homeowners are searching for the latest trends in kitchen design to accomplish this. One phenomenon that has erupted in the design world is the explosion of the color blue.

Having color in an otherwise uniform kitchen creates a stark contrast, creating a focal point that draws attention to the center of the space. We have several projects in progress that have adapted this choice in their kitchens.

Navy blue, with its chic, yet inviting aura, has made its way into the homes of many seeking a noticeable, but seemingly effortless change in their homes. Darker colors can be a better option for high traffic area, as most islands are frequently used as dining and entertainment areas.

However not only is this finish popular in the kitchen, but some clients have moved this tone into their bathrooms as well. This is an excellent consideration if you want to create a spa-like feel.

We also have clients who added accents of blue materials into their project. Some of those are countertops, floor, wall and backsplash tiles.

Finding what works for you and what you can ultimately live with on a daily basis is key. This is why our material selection process is very detailed. Make sure you check out our portfolio as it changes often.

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