Q&A: Which Cabinet Line Do I Choose?

There are many cabinet lines out there to the point where it can be overwhelming trying to make a choice. At our showroom, we keep it simple. We have narrowed down five main lines that we have clients choose from. These five lines cover every type of budget for quality products.

Many times I get asked if we make the cabinets ourselves and the answer to that is a resounding no! It would be cool to add that to our list of services however that requires a lot of space and time we do not have if we want to service our clients with quality time. We stick to the vendors we know and trust to provide custom made cabinets right in their factories!

All of our cabinet lines are available to look at in our showroom! We have all types of door styles and colors for viewing. Here's a quick break down of our cabinet lines:

1. Wellborn (mid-high end)

Wellborn is our most popular line of cabinets. We like Wellborn for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are made in the United States. We love when products are #MadeInAmerica because we know the quality is going to be better. Plus, who doesn't love a homegrown product?

Wellborn is also popular because of the number of choices. They have three different lines of various pricepoints: Select, Premier, and Estate. In terms of price, Estate will be the most costly of the three Wellborn lines.

Whether you choose Select, Premier, or Estate the cabinetry you get in return is of incredible quality. There's various species of wood to choose from and different glazes and colors. Wellborn is great for semi-customization in cabinets at a fair price.

2. KraftMaid (mid-high end)

The most well-known line of cabinetry we have is KraftMaid. KraftMaid is well-known for a number of reasons. For one, it's sold at places like Home Depot and has been featured on home design TV shows.

It's also known for being incredibly reliable. When you have KraftMaid, you don't need to worry about tears or breakage of the cabinet.

Another great thing about KraftMaid is how innovative it is. Heated toe kicks? Check. That's just one of the many accessories KraftMaid offers.

3. Woodland (mid high-end)

I would consider Woodland to be one of the more "elite" cabinet brands we carry. They offer more species of wood and also have various collections under the Woodland name.

For instance, their Artizen line offers a contemporary frameless option for those people interested in the European style of cabinetry. The Artizen line alone offers many colors and textures for the frameless design.

Woodland also offers the Patina Collection that suits those with a rustic taste. Similarly to the Artizen line, Patina has many color options in different wood species.

Woodland is also a fully customized line so if you were looking for something completely unique and custom, this would be the way to go.

4. Quality (mid grade)

If you were looking for a simpler choice for cabinetry we recommend Quality cabinets. There's a few customization options with Quality, however it's quite cost effective and it's great for builders.

Sometimes the choices of cabinetry can be overwhelming so the limited selection of Quality can be considered a good thing for some people.

We consider Quality our "mid grade" line. Also known as builder or contractor grade, this is the type of cabinetry used by builders.

5. US Cabinetry (economy)

If you're looking for the most affordable option, turn to US Cabinetry. This line has the fastest lead time, but we call this the "what you see is what you get line."

Unlike the other lines, there's no custom options available and there's fewer styles and colors to choose from.

If you're looking for affordable, this is a good choice for you. However, down the line, replacement doors and parts are harder to acquire and you must order the whole cabinet (a bigger expense).

So which line is best? It all depends on your budget and taste. Sometimes a more affordable line seems like a good idea but the fact is, it may break or deteriorate over time. That's the biggest factor in my opinion, as cabinets are an investment.

If you're replacing cabinets just for selling purposes, you may not care too much about the quality. However, if this is a long term investment, I suggest splurging on the cabinets.



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