How to Choose Paint Colors

You've picked your counter tops, cabinets, hardware, backsplash and now it's time to choose your paint color. Now it's time to select the color of your "project palette".

The challenge to finding the right color is to select one that complements your other selections. There's always the question of should that be a neutral color or something bold that offers a contrast which makes the room "pop"?

Of course, color also has to do with personality. Design as well. We have seen quite a variety of choices come through our doors. However if you are unsure and are looking for our recommendations, our designers at Stevens Kitchens recommend choosing a neutral paint color in the kitchen.

Our Sales Assistant says, "I would recommend a neutral paint color for kitchens because you spend a majority of your time in that area. Colors have a lot of psychological effects on the human mind. When we are around soft, earthy tones such as beige, grey, blue or green we are subconsciously, and visibly at ease."

As the focal point of entertaining for your home, you may want to keep a room color that makes your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Unless of course, you are someone who likes to make a bold statement and want that room to represent your personality.

Our Sales Assistant also says, "Avoid reds in the kitchen because they induce hunger."

Again, these are recommendations not a catch all for everyone. When our clients work with us, we learn what their personalities are, we learn what their tastes are - then it's easier for us to help them make selections for the lifestyle and character that represents them!

One more thing to consider about color is, if you intend to sell the house in a couple of years, you may want to stick with the recommended neutral.

We hope this helps you make a decision! We understand too many choices can be overwhelming and that's why we offer the assistance of our staff in selections. Stay tuned for more design and remodeling tips!

Artistically Yours,


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