Decorating for the Holidays

Today we wanted to give some tips for decorating for the holidays. Decorating is a key part of the holiday season. I hope you find these tips helpful as you enjoy the holiday season.


1. Light It up! I love outdoor lights. There's something so magical about holiday lights. The best part about outdoor lights is that everyone who drives or walks by can enjoy them and it creates a community and family activity. Growing up, my parents used to take my siblings and I around different neighborhoods to see their light displays. They'd get us hot chocolate and let us go out in our pajamas. It was the most simple thing but such a fun, free activity to do together.


2. Use Personal Mementos! Amanda's tip is to use personal mementos. She said that what makes Christmas special is using special tree toppers and ornaments that have been staples throughout her childhood. What's great about this is that a simple ornament can be passed down from family to family. It becomes more than just decorating. Plus, it's nice having certain decorations that are specific to your own family.


3. Decorate... With food! Susan said she likes to bake a lot of cookies and cakes for the holidays and have the aroma fill her home. It also makes for a beautiful center piece.

4. Nutcrackers. Susan likes to stick with traditional Christmas decor and recommends using the Nutcracker. Not only are Nutcrackers indicative of the holidays but they are also super whimsical and multi-purpose! It's not every decoration that actually has other functions.

Bonus Tip: Keep everyone included! As you can see by Susan's tree even the dog has a stocking! Pets deserve presents too!!


5. Use aromatics! Cadence's tip for holiday decorating is the use of aromatics. She loves using candles or wall plugins of her favorite holiday scents. Not only does it make your home smell amazing but it gets you into the holiday spirit with such scents like Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon, and Evergreen Tree. Nowadays, many stores have holiday scented candles and wall plugins available for every budget.


6. Piggy backing on Amanda's tip, Steve's tip is also to use personal mementos. Below is a picture of his guitar tree. If you don't know, Steve is a very talented musician on the side. This tree is very special to him.

Plus, it looks awesome!

We hope you find these decorating tips helpful!

Cheerfully Yours,


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