Embracing The Rustic Look

One of my favorite trends is the use of reclaimed Patina in the kitchen. So many cabinet lines are coming out with their own distressed, rustic cabinetry.

The current trend in kitchens is the white counter tops with rustic accents. Perhaps you can credit HGTV shows like Fixer Upper who helped populate this look.

This is one of Stevens Kitchens "rustic" accented kitchens. What a statement maker! I'd like to be around when they have guests over just to hear the conversation. The design is bold and add loads of character to the space.

If you want a unique design, this may be the way to go. No two pieces look alike. Each piece of wood reacts differently to the Patina process so it's original.

Here are a few tips for a Rustic Accent Kitchen:

1. Use accents to complete the look. Whether that's getting a rustic looking pendant light or a wooden bar stool, it will compliment and accent the character of the space.

2. Don't be afraid to be bold. If you like the dark cabinetry and want a strong contrast, go for it! This is your space after all!

3. Combine elements. I love a nice quartz top with rustic cabinetry. If you're still trying to be contemporary while maintaining the farmhouse feel, try a farmhouse composite sink. Blanco makes a farmhouse sink that comes in different colors.

What do you think of this style and trend?


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