Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm going to be talking about the history of Valentine's Day along with some fun facts about the holiday!

There are many theories about the origins of Valentine's Day, so I'm going to share my personal favorite theory. This legend refers to Saint Valentine, a priest from the third century in Rome. During this time, the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II outlawed marriage. This was a time where the Romans were constantly on the verge of war and battle.

Claudius II believed that his soldiers were stronger as single than married; thus the ban. Well, according to legend, Saint Valentine disapproved of this ban. He defied the marriage ban and began performing marriages for young soldiers in love.

Once Claudius II found out about the secret marriages, he ordered an execution of St. Valentine on, you guessed it, February 14th. It was rumored that before his death, St. Valentine would send letters signing them "Your Valentine." Of course, this is part of the legend but how sweet!

During the industrial revolution (nineteenth century) the true commercialism of Valentine's Day started. Businesses began creating chocolates into hearts and Hallmark began creating cards for the holiday.

In fact, Valentine's Day is the second most popular greeting card holiday. Hallmark has researched that over 190 million cards are given each Valentine's Day!

Today, we continue to buy boxes of heart shaped chocolates and cards that talk about love. We give bouquets of flowers and plush stuffed animals.

Another fun fact, the most popular flower to give on Valentine's Day is the red rose. The popularity of roses has to do with the fact that Venus, the God of love's favorite flower was roses.

So from all of us here at Stevens Kitchens, Happy Valentine's Day! We love you!

Your Valentine,


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