Q&A: How Long Does a Closing Take?

That's probably the most frequent question I get asked in regards to closing. Closings typically range from 1-2 hours in length depending on how elaborate the job is. Either way, it's important that closings are not rushed and time is well spent on them.

At your closing you sign a lot of paperwork and go over a lot of elements. It's imperative that these details are correct as wrong selections or other factors can delay your project.

There's lots to go over but we go over everything as slowly and smoothly as we can. We know that remodels are a big investment and that's why we do our best to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible.

Another misconception is that your project begins as soon as you sign the paperwork and close. Projects actually begin 3-4 weeks after your closing. This is to ensure everything is ordered and ordered correctly.

Stevens Kitchens pride ourselves with our organization. Our process leading to a remodel is made to be easy. We know the remodel itself can be difficult and we don't want to put any extra stress on you.

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