A Kitchen Remodel Series: Part VIII

When you're getting a remodel done, there's always one part of it that you're the most excited about. For me, that was the countertops. I have such an affinity for countertops and can stare at samples for hours upon hours. I helped select this Quartz countertop for my parents and I've been so excited ever since to see how it will look alongside the cabinets.

I remember watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when I was younger and the big reveals always left the homeowners with their jaws on the floor. I always thought they were overreacting and nobody actually does that... Until I saw my own kitchen.

The counter tops and cabinets make me feel like I'm staying in a beautiful Mediterranean excape. Everything is so crisp and clean looking (I'm almost afraid to actually cook or use the surface!) We only have a week or so left on the project and I personally cannot wait to go back to normal. Slowly and surely, items from our make-shift kitchen are being placed back into our real kitchen now that we have counter tops and cabinets. It sure is nice being able to make coffee on a counter top and not a card table.

Just wanted to show you the final view of my personal series. It's almost like being in a new home!

Gratefully Yours,


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