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The Big Chill - Retro Style Kitchen Appliances

Today I'll be talking about some of the technological trends for homes. Some of these trends are anticipated and others are already in use.

Believe it or not, the kitchen is the first place in the home to have new technology. It's more common for people to have tech-friendly appliances versus say, a tech friendly TV. What??!! I know, I didn't believe it either!

However, the kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home so it makes sense for the kitchen to have advanced features.

Some upcoming trends include:

1. Bluetooth Friendly Appliances

What's great about Bluetooth and WiFi friendly appliances is the ease of controlling them with your smart phone. There are countless times when getting up to turn down the oven temperature seems to be a pain. Maybe you're watching TV or maybe you are in the middle of something else. Either way, with just a click from your smart phone, temperatures can be controlled.

Does your refrigerator have a hot water feature? You can turn it on through your phone instead of waiting.

Other features that can be controlled are the vent and microwave light. Just remember to check on any food that you're cooking!

2. Old-School Trends

Wait, what? Everything old is coming back again! Our Chief Executive Officer would be tickled pink! She loves the fifties trends. Retro is making a come back in the kitchen. Those bright colored refrigerators and ranges from the 1950's are suddenly hip again and can be ordered in various colors (and even come in custom colors).

Companies such as The Big Chill has capitalized on this. See main picture above. In case you wanted to know what a "retro" refrigerator looks like, that's it!

3. Appliances That Go The Distance

We may just be in the Golden Age of kitchen appliances. Don't quote me on that, but some of the appliances on the market are just extraordinary. On the market right now are refrigerators that have cameras inside, have built in coffee makers, and can make grocery lists for you.

Appliances that can cook to precision depending on what food and some can even respond to voice commands.

All of these appliances create ease and versatility for homeowners.

The future is all about streamlining technology and having A connect to B faster. It's about being convenient for the busy person all while still being pleasing to the eye.

Have you found some future trend in the kitchen arena that you want to share? Please provide us with the link!

Back from the Future,


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