Q&A: Can You Do an Estimate from a Sketch?

Hi everyone! It's no secret that the remodeling process can be super exciting and fun. It's quite anticipating and we know how eager people are to begin. However, a lot of the times people come into our showroom wanting an estimate right off the bat from say, a picture of their home or a sketch that they've done.

If you're looking for just cabinetry and counter tops, we ARE able to provide an estimate from a sketch (as long as there's measurements). The estimation for cabinets and counter tops is a lot quicker than a full renovation. When you provide us a sketch, just make sure you include the countertop selection (line/color) and cabinet selection (cabinet line/style/color),

You won't be able to get an estimate that day, but the process will be a lot quicker from our Designers.

Now, if you have that same sketch and are wanting more work than just cabinets and counter tops, the process of estimating becomes a little more intricate and in depth.

This is because the scope of work is a lot larger and it takes more time to calculate how much it'll cost.

A lot of the time we have to get quotes through other companies and on certain products you may be using in your remodel. For instance, we have to sometimes get quotes from a flooring company and that can take time. Similarly if you're thinking of changing the layout completely and knocking down walls or other structural work, that too requires us to receive quotes from our subcontractors.

I hope you gathered some helpful information from this post and that it helps you when it comes time for your remodeling process to begin.

All the best,



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