Q&A: Dovetail Versus Standard Drawers

Hi, everyone!

I have realized the saying "you learn something new everyday" is quite true!

I'm going to admit something a little embarrassing: I was confused about dovetail drawers. Our Sales Assistant, Cadence helped me sort that out. I thought others may have the same confusion so I am choosing to write about dovetail drawers in this post.

When someone talks about dovetail drawers versus standard drawers, they are talking about the construction of the drawer box. Let's talk about the difference between the two drawer styles.

Dovetail drawers are made of solid wood or plywood materials & fit together like a puzzle piece; they are designed for the joints to fit together. This means that weight is more evenly distributed, resulting in drawers that are able to accommodate heavier items. They are perfect for pots and pans and other heavy kitchen necessities.

Below is a picture of a dovetail drawer.

Standard drawers are made from furniture board and put together using glue and staples. They may not be as durable as dovetail drawers.

This is a picture of a standard drawer.

Which leads us to following question: Are dovetail drawers a necessity?

To be frank, they aren't always necessary. "Necessary" depends on what you are putting in them. If you are putting heavy things in the drawers and you have a tendency to over stuff the drawers, I recommend a dovetail construction. If your items are lighter, you can consider a standard drawer.

I hope you have been enlightened by this post because I definitely was! If you need me, I'll be hitting the books for more info-sessions regarding remodeling to see what other things I can learn!



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