Steps to Getting a Remodel Done (Part 1)

Process of a Remodel and Free Consult

I often get asked what the process is for getting a kitchen or bath remodel. Many remodeling companies differ in their process so I can only speak on behalf of Stevens Kitchens so today's post will be about our process leading up to a remodel.

I hope you find this helpful in terms of planning for a remodel. Our first step is the Free Consult if you are getting a full remodel in the bathroom or kitchen.

1, Consult

When you call to schedule a consult, you get to speak to me!! A lot of people call wanting to schedule an estimate or consult for that week. Like a doctor's office though, we get booked up quickly! Please note that when scheduling a consult, we usually are booked at least two weeks out.

This is why planning is so important. If you want a project done by a certain date, you need to start planning at least 3-6 months in advance.

At your consult you'll speak with one of our designers and they'll evaluate your space. They show you different catalogs and speak with you about designs. Our designers are magicians. If you have an idea, they'll draw it for you. Sometimes you may see something but can't articulate it into words or how it could possibly work in your space, but they can!

Consults are 100% free.

After your consult, expect to see your estimate (with 3D renderings of your proposed space) in your mailbox within 2-3 weeks. Sometimes this time is longer and sometimes it's shorter. This time frame is also a reason to plan waaay ahead of time for your sequence of events. Estimates tend to go in order of consults done unless there is more data to be gathered for your specific job. Sometimes more research has to be done before sending the estimate out - this can prolong the process.

We like to be upfront about expectations when doing a kitchen or bath remodel. We feel our prospective clients will appreciate the honest communication rather than keep you guessing.

I hope this helps with your planning.

Strategically Yours,


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