The Look: Contemporary

Welcome to the second post of The Look series. We looked at the materials you need for a farmhouse and today we will be looking at how to achieve a contemporary look for your kitchen.

Contemporary is all about sleekness. Another name for Contemporary is Modern. These terms are pretty interchangeable so if you hear someone saying 'modern' know they mean 'contemporary' and vice-versa.

Another component for contemporary is utilizing Frameless or Slab cabinetry. Also known as European Style cabinetry, This type is very plain and will be a full-overlay door. A lot of the lines we carry at Stevens Kitchens are coming out with their own frameless designs but the first to do so is Woodland's Artizen line.

The Artizen line has solid color choices, high gloss and matte, as well as textured options. To complete this look you're going to want to have large, simple pulls as your hardware like the picture above.

Contemporary is about simplicity.

For countertops, you're going to want to choose a simple, solid option. I personally would recommend a black or white counter top for maximum sleekness. This quartz option from Silestone does a magnificent job capturing and radiating what a contemporary space should look like. I also like that it's available in suede and regular polish. It gives the client a little more flexibility in customizing the perfect look for their taste.

When it comes to picking your appliances, you're gonna want to look for something industrial/commercial looking. Gas appliances are pretty popular among contemporary design.

For contemporary backsplash, as mentioned previously, look for a mixed mode option. Whether that's refined metal and stone or glass is completely up to you. I love this new backsplash we just got in our showroom. It has so much character and layers to it.

Sooooo, do you think you want to add some contemporary pieces to your kitchen?



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