Trend Report: Floating Vanities

Hi everyone!

One of the more popular trends right now in bathrooms are floating vanities. There's many perks to having a floating vanity, and no, it's not just because it looks cool.

Floating vanities are fantastic space savers. A regular vanity takes up a ton of space. A lot of the times it fills an entire wall! Floating vanities eliminate that problem and allow you to utilize more space in your bathroom.

You essentially are adding another layer of space because the vanity floats. There's so many things that can be stored below a floating vanity with all that extra space.

It also makes the space seem bigger. The flooring that goes underneath the vanity "tricks" the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is. Cool, huh?

Floating vanities are also SUPER easy to clean. Since it's more accessible, you can easily clean below and the sides of the vanity. We use our vanities for so many purposes. We wash our faces in it, wash hands, take out contact lenses, brush our teeth, brush our hair, and so much more. With all those activities that bathroom can dirty easily so this makes it easier to clean!

With nearly ever corner exposed, you can clean with ease and reassurance.

Another perk of floating vanities are being able to choose the height..Typical vanities come in two heights: standard or tall. There's not much leeway with it. Being able to choose what height your vanity is may not seem like a big deal but it is when you're thinking of children or having something wheelchair accessible.

I'll be honest, the coolness factor of floating vanities are off the shelves (literally). We've always imagined vanities as these necessary pieces in the bathroom. It's nice being able to manipulate the idea.

What do you think? Are you pro-floating vanity?

Floatin' On,


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