Want to Know the Different Types of Designers?

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about the difference between an Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, and a Kitchen/Bath Designer.

At Stevens Kitchens we have Kitchen and Bath Designers. Our designers do everything from drawings, measurements, selections, and other designs. These professionals are the staff who provide you with the free consult.

At Stevens Kitchens we like to educate our prospective clients a lot. We find that one of the biggest confusions is the difference between an Interior Designer/Decorator and a Kitchen/Bath Designer.

Kitchen and Bath Designers, specifically, NKBA Certified Designers (like Stevens Kitchens) have a larger scope of knowledge regarding a project. In order to gain certification, they must show field expertise and complete course work. They obviously focus on the kitchen and the bath areas of a home. They assist with electrical and cabinet layouts and usually can assist with structural changes (although if the changes are grandiose, we usually work with an architect or engineer).

While Kitchen and Bath Designers design, they do not necessarily choose for you. They can aide in selections, tell you what would look good, and help guide you through the process, but won't pick things out for you.

Some Kitchen and Bath Designers offer project management as does Stevens Kitchens.

Interior Designers go to school for Interior Design. Some classes include computer-aided design and learning about different colors and fabric. They tend to take into account the entire space and ensure each room is functional and aesthetic with a nice compatibility of everything.

Interior Decorators focus on decorating. As opposed to Interior Designers, they are not looking at structural form. They are more focused on colors, furniture, art, etc. They assist with selections or choose them for you.

We hope you have found this to be helpful!

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