Which Backsplash Should You Pick?

A long time ago backsplashes were simple tile work. There wasn't too many options to pick from and it definitely wasn't a decision you would ponder on for a long period of time.

Nowadays, backsplash is incredibly common and can really change the tone of the room. There's a lot more materials to choose from and patterns to pick from in today's market. There's glass, stone, porcelain, tile and even metal options. Even designers such as Ted Baker have gotten on the backsplash train.

In order to help you out, I thought I would share which backsplash works best in different styles. While there are many different home styles, I'll be focused on just a few: traditional, contemporary, and modern farmhouse.

I summoned our Designer, Susan, for her expertise in what looks best in the aforementioned styles.

The most important factor when picking backsplash depends on the countertop. Rather, instead of picking your backsplash first; Susan recommends picking your counter top out and then your backsplash.

If you're trying to acheive a traditional look for your kitchen, Susan recommends a herringbone pattern using a porcelain glaze tile.

If you're trying to go for a sleek, contemporary look, Susan recommends using a mixed medium for your backsplash. Mixed medium can be a mosaic of glass and stone or the use of other combinations similar in nature.

Finally, one of the most popular styles for kitchens right now is the modern farmhouse. The best backsplash for a modern farmhouse look is subway tile. Susan says a clean white subway tile with a contrasting grout color helps achieve the modern farmhouse vibe.

Backsplash has sure come a long way. What is your favorite type or design? Let us know!



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