Why a Farmhouse Sink?

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouses used to be the only place you'd find farmhouse or apron sinks. Due to how deep they are, they were used to hold well water. They also could be used as a basin to bathe children or animals in.

Today, a farmhouse sink is used primarily for aesthetics. It gives kitchens a unique and farmhouse look to it, regardless of whether or not it's actually on a farm.

There's plenty of reasons for the growing popularity of farmhouse sinks, but there's also a case for regular ol' undermount sinks.

Farmhouse sinks are known to be more ergonomic. People who own them say they are more accessible than regular undermount sinks meaning less water to clean up. We've all been there cleaning dishes when we accidentally spray outside the sink and the counter tops and floor get all wet. Sure it's an easy clean up but farmhouse sinks are practically designed to prevent the spillage.

Farmhouse sinks are also available in more colors and materials. They can be made of copper, cast iron, porcelain, fire clay, stainless steel, etc. There's so many options to choose from.

However, some materials are much more difficult to care for than others. For instance, copper is beautiful to look at but it damages and stains very easily.

On a similar note- the price of these sinks change dramatically depending on material and color.

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